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Our Bernese
SwissRidge Kennels
Breeders of Bernese mountain dogs and Goldendoodles
If you are interested in purchasing a bernese puppy please visit the "pups available" page to see what we have.  If you would like to go ahead with the purchase please fill out the adoption form. This gives me some information about your family and helps me determine if one of my pups would be suitable for your lifestyle.
Listed below are pictures of our female berners. Please contact me if you have questions about a particular dog.
Meet Verushcka. We imported this girl from Slovakia. As you can see from the picture she has very strong bone and is by no means skinny or lanky like alot of the bernese you see today. She has substance and incredible bone. Her personality is very bubblie. At the moment she is being shown and hopefully will achieve her Championship title soon.  Click on the buttons below to see her health clearances.
Her grandfather is JgBs, 2xCACA,CACIB winning  "certificate d Aptitude  au Championnat International de Beaute" in the Federation Cynologique Internationle ( International All-breed Club). What a very impressive 5 generation pedigree. What a delight to own this European import  !!!!!!
This is Dyni she is Daiko's sister and they were imported from Belgium together in 2004. Belgium lines are much healthier and longer lived then the lines coming from the States and Canada. In order to breed bernese in Belgium their hips and elbows need to be tested before a breeder can obtain a pedigree for the dog. As you can see from Dyni's pedigree all her ancestors have been tested and are free of hip dysplasia. Both Dyni and her brother have been tested and they are clear. Her pedigree is also full of Champions! Dyni is on her way to becoming a Canadian Champion.
Dyni is very affectionate and a quick learner. She is laid back and loves to be loved. Please click on the buttons below to see her pedigree and all the health tests that have been done.
Meet Whitney. Verushcka and Whitney came from the same kennel in Slovakia however they are 2 totally different types of dogs.. Whitney is more slight. She isn't massive like Verushcka but still has substantial bone. She is very graceful when she moves and seems to flow through the air. She has a nice straight top line and perfect structure. She has a very laid back personality and loves to just lay around and chill out!. We are so happy with her. Her OFA test score showed  an impressive EXCELLENT HIP JOINT CONFORMATION!!! Which is a superior hip joint conformation as compared with other individuals of same breed and age. She has one of the nicest set of hips our vet and I have seen and we have tested many dogs!! This is amazing for a bernese! See below for all her health clearances! Her father winning the titles of JgBs, 2xCACA,and CACIB in theFederation Cynologique International (International All-breed Club). 
Health Clearances
Health Clearances
Health Clearances
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Meet Bailey. She is from a wonderful kennel out in BC!  Bailey's father is Zeppo and mother is Bella Z Vikanovej from Slovakia.
Bailey has a lovely personality, she loves to have fun and play, she loves to be with people and will follow you everywhere. Bailey has a  large head with good body type and structure, she is a med size berner! She has passed clearances on hips,elbows,eyes. thyroid.
Health Clearances
Health Clearances
Arabela and Ambra are both sisters and we also own there bother Aristoteles!
What lovely dense bone European imports! They are only 7 months of age in these pictures.Their father is Cartouch born in Belgium having accomplished the titles of SAMPION,SR,PL,VITAZ SR MAGYAR NAGYD. GYOTES 9XCAC, 3XCWC,2XRCAC, R.CACA, 6XCACIB, R.CACIB, 4XBOB, HFGYwith the Federtion Cynologique Internationale( international All- bred Club)- judging in beauty and character. The history of Cartouch  is the breeding between Tawjah's Unak and Ulara Van't Pachthof was a marriage of tempermant and type, but most importantly health and longevity. Both his parents were eight years old when Cartouch was born. Cartouch was everything to dream of in a bernese.
Cartouch father or Arabela and Ambra's grandfather was Tawajah's Unak hips rated HDA and elbows rated ED OO. He was best male on clubmatch B.K.Z.S. 1997 on beauty and character. Unaks father was from Norway and mother from Switzerland. Cartouch's mother or Arabela and Ambras grandmother's name was Ulara Van't Pachthof had hips rated HDA (excellent) and elbow rated ED00. She was born in 01/01/1996. She was ITALAIN CHAMPION 1998, EUROPIAN CHAMPION 1998, BELGIAN CHAMPIAN 1999, LUYEMBURG CHAMPION 1999, INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION 2000.
Cartouch has the same parents as Zukayo Van't Pachthof who was born in 10/06/2000. He had hips rated HDA (excellent) and elbows rated ED00 (which is negative for elbow dysplasia). Zukayo was international champion 2003, Dutch champion 2003, Belgium champion 2002. At the age of 21 months  he became 4th at the WORLD WINNER IN AMSTERDAM - selected B.B.S.C. 2002 on Beauty and Character at  Hop Emperon Show Wieze 05/09/2004.
After months of research I became the proud owners of Ambra, Arabela and Aristotels. Thank you Juro.
I  will be doing health clearances on these lovely girls once they become of breeding age and will be able to provide some lovely offspring with parents having  many generations of health clearances on hips,elbows, as well as longevity and excellent temperament.
Meet Daisy! Daisy is a gorgeous berner with amazing markings and a medium build! She has an amazing temperament and is very gentle, calm and loving! She lives in a household with a newborn baby and she treat him like her own! You couldn't ask for a more gentle, loving dog. Daisy is something else!
Health Clearances
Meet Casey! Casey is an Medium sized Bernese with a great temperament. She is more of a one person dog and is very loyal to me as her owner. She gets along great with other dogs and people but she would rather be curled up and relaxing with me then out playing with the other dogs. She is very gentle and never jumps or barks. She is amazing around children and treats them like her own!

Health Clearances